PulPac continues to push the Dry Molded Fiber technology development forward – EPO announces new intention to grant patent

PullPac has received yet another intention to grant from the EPO (European Patent Office), further refining its pioneering cellulose forming technology for competitive fiber-based packaging and single-use products.

The new intention to grant comprises a method for producing discrete three-dimensional cellulose products from an air-formed cellulose blank structure in a rotary forming mold system.

Peter Ekwall, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at PulPac explains “We continue to use the already established air-formed cellulose blank structure, but now it is fed to the rotary forming mold and we apply a forming temperature in the range of 100°C to 300°C and a forming pressure of at least 1 MPa, preferably 4-20 MPa”

PulPac continuously develops its already established Dry Molded Fiber technology, and the rotary forming system will pose a viable alternative for certain products going forward.

“We continue to add value to Dry Molded Fiber and keep our licensees at the forefront of fiber forming by constantly pushing technology development forward. In addition to the 30 patent families with 119 granted national patents and plus 50 pending patent applications, I expect an average of two new patent applications a month going forward”, Ekwall continues.

Dry Molded Fiber is a fiber forming technology that can replace single-use plastic with sustainable fiber-based alternatives at low cost.

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