The Bottle Collective

Creating the world’s first Dry Molded Fiber bottle

PA Consulting and PulPac have seeded the collective and developed the underlying technology needed to bring a functioning Dry Molded Fiber bottle collective to life.

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The Dry Molded Fiber technology reduces the use of energy and water compared to other production methods, creating a bottle with a significantly reduced environmental footprint. The process is designed to match the high-speed and low-cost production of plastic and uses a proprietary process to create customisable bottles that meet specific product requirements.

Diageo announces

Paper-based bottle trial for Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur

In partnership with PA Consulting, as part of the Bottle Collective with PA and PulPac, Diageo is trialling a Dry Molded Fiber bottle which is 90%
paper, with a thin plastic liner and a foil seal.

Brands that joined

The Bottle Collective

Sanofi, Haleon, Logoplaste and Diageo have all joined The Bottle Collective. They are now utilising the Dry Molded Fiber technology to develop bottles that minimise the use of plastics in food, drink, consumer health, and FMCG industries.