We are PulPac

Inventors of a groundbreaking fiber molding technology

When we started PulPac, we aimed for the stars and hoped to reach the tree tops. Now, we are well on our way to the moon.

Fiber was always the best alternative — we only made it better

At PulPac, curiosity, creativity, and innovative spirit, are traits we all share. So, when we took the fluffy cellulosic part from a baby diaper and put it in a hand pumped workshop press, we knew that there was something worth looking into. What we found is a solution to tackle a global problem.


never solves any problems — it’s only barking at ghosts.

The problems we face are global,
and so, we face them together.

It’s a family affair

We love a good challenge but know that time is of the essence — thus, collaborative efforts are crucial. We built PulPac on the principles of Swedish common sense, the power of a shared purpose, and the strength of the collective.

In 2018, our CEO, Linus Larsson Green, and his father, Ove Larsson, founded PulPac, following their inventions. Today, the PulPac family is even bigger and stronger. But our mission remains the same: to provide the packaging industry with the technology and hardware to produce sustainable packaging and make Dry Molded Fiber the global standard.

Our very first!

Impact Report 2023

Why? Well, as a driving force in the sustainable packaging shift, we strive to do better constantly. Collecting and transparently presenting data from all our business areas is one way to ensure that we improve.

Join us on a journey of the impact we’ve made and the impact we aim to make – as a company and as a technology leader in our industry.

Read the full report here

Pulpac in brief

Founded in 2018

Scaling and industrializing

Extensive partner network


employees with world-leading know-how


Million € in raised capital


licensees in Europe, US and Asia

Management team

Linus Larsson Green

Chief Executive Officer

Sanna Fager

Chief Commercial Officer

Roderick Sundell

Chief Financial Officer

Kalle Gillgren

Chief Legal Officer

Ann Dynehäll

Chief Communications Officer

Viktor Börjesson

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Ekwall

Chief Intellectual Property Officer

Daniella Dahlbom

Chief People & Culture Officer

Kristian Ward

Operations Manager

Conny Högström

Head of Tech Center

Ove Larsson

Chief Innovation Officer

Nathalie Bödtker-Lund

Head of Impact & Sustainability

Board of directors

Fredrik Östbye

Chairman of the board

Niclas Möller

Board Director

Ove Larsson

Board Director

Marcus Palm

Board Director

Tony Antoniou

Board Director

Juuso Konttinen

Board Director


We are driven by passion and purpose. Our focus and dedication attracted giants from the paper and packaging industries, entrepreneurial environmental problem solvers, and creative companies within marketing and communication to invest in Dry Molded Fiber. They share our holistic view and are the facilitators and changemakers, making all this possible.