LOGOPLASTE joins the Bottle Collective to accelerate sustainable packaging

PA Consulting and PulPac welcome LOGOPLASTE investment into the Bottle Collective as the technology partner to accelerate sustainable packaging.

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Published 18 March 2024

PA Consulting (PA), the company bringing ingenuity to life, and PulPac, the Swedish packaging solutions company behind Dry Molded Fiber, are pleased to announce that LOGOPLASTE, the global provider of innovative and sustainable rigid packaging solutions, has joined the Bottle Collective as the technology partner. The Bottle Collective brings together major brands across industries and leading packaging manufacturers to accelerate progress towards truly sustainable single-use bottles. LOGOPLASTE joins leading global companies Diageo, Haleon, and Sanofi as a member of the Bottle Collective.

The Bottle Collective is working to produce bottles that have a lower environmental impact usage than typical single-use versions, but are cost-competitive and scalable for mass volume production. The Collective leverages Dry Molded Fiber technology that utilizes renewable pulp and cellulose resources to create affordable and high-performance fiber-based bottles that can be recycled as paper packaging.  As experts in injection molding and blowing, LOGOPLASTE will be taking an active development role in the Bottle Collective to improve the overall barrier performance of the bottle lining technology and make it adjusted to the specific needs and requirements of the consortium.

“Together with our global brand partners, we can fast-track the development of the world’s first Dry Molded Fiber bottle.”

– Jamie Stone, PA’s PulPac Design and Innovation Lead at PA Consulting –

Joining the Bottle Collective is a natural fit for LOGOPLASTE, given its mission to transform the environmental impact of packaging. Stretching back to its unique business model of the wall-to-wall embedded manufacturing, LOGOPLASTE has leveraged its expertise in materials, design, and process efficiencies to ensure rigid packaging solutions deliver both environmental and economic benefits. LOGOPLASTE will bring that same expertise to the Bottle Collective, partnering with PA, PulPac, and other brand members to accelerate the commercial rollout and industrialization of the Dry Molded Fiber Bottle technology.

Jamie Stone, Partner at PA Consulting and PA’s PulPac Design and Innovation Lead at PA Consulting, said: “We are thrilled to announce this partnership with LOGOPLASTE. Together with our global brand partners, we can fast-track the development of the world’s first Dry Molded Fiber bottle. We’ve already created the technology and the process. Partnering with established leaders in the rigid packaging space like LOGOPLASTE reinforces to the market that our Dry Molded Fiber bottles are capable of being produced at the speed, volume, and cost necessary to match the massive scale of this global industry challenge.”

Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer at PulPac, said: “Collaboration has been core to PulPac’s mission and growth since day one. We’re excited to welcome LOGOPLASTE into the expanding ecosystem of innovative packaging companies who are accelerating the adoption of Dry Molded Fiber.”

Paulo Correia, Chief Technology Officer at LOGOPLASTE, said: “By joining the Bottle Collective we remain totally aligned with the DNA of LOGOPLASTE, that is looking to solutions under a fully agnostic approach and offering a broad view of solutions that respond to the specific sustainability needs of each one of our partners. This confirms the strong sustainability commitments of the company. We are delighted to join!”

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This Collective is one element of PA and PulPac’s mission to leverage Dry Molded Fiber to convert renewable plant fibers into a wide range of sustainable packaging and products. Dry Molded Fiber delivers a better environmental footprint than single-use plastics at comparable speed, scalability, and cost. As the global brand development partner for the Dry Molded Fiber technology, PA works closely with renowned brands to develop tailored packaging and product solutions. In our Collective approach, we work with multiple brand partners to address global and industry-wide sustainability challenges, taking collective action to make a positive impact on the world.


From the very beginning, LOGOPLASTE has innovated constantly to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and create a sustainable business model that can weather revolutionary change and thrive. Our Wall to Wall, embedded manufacturing model has proven itself as a smarter way of doing business that benefits our customers and the world. Our plants double as flourishing idea labs that are lowering CO2 emissions, ending packaging waste, and making the world a better place. Every day, we rebel against the norm and reinvent what’s been done before so that we can lead the changes our industry must make. We’re dedicated to working together—with our clients and our competitors, our local communities and governments—to build a better, healthier, sustainable future for the next generation. This legacy is more than words on a page. It is our duty. www.logoplaste.com

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