Dry Molded Fiber
PulPac is a technology for dry molding of pure forest fibers. The technology is unique and differs from the traditional methods of molding cellulose.

The dry process makes the technology very fast and cost efficient and offers a replacement for single-use plastics at a lower price than previously possible.

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Environmentally and commercially sustainable
The PulPac technology makes it possible to produce sustainable single-use products with mechanical properties similar to thermoformed plastics but made of cellulose, a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material that cost less than plastics.
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We are an R&D and IP company
The PulPac technology is available to anyone who wants to save the planet from single-use plastics.

To quickly scale the technology and make global impact, PulPac offers the patented technology on a licensing basis in return for part of the profit to finance continued development.

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