Costs 25% less than plastics


From regenerative material


As paper


In nature
Dry Molded Fiber
PulPac is a technology for dry molding of pure forest fibers. The method for dry molding of fibers is invented by PulPac and makes it possible to 3D-mold cellulose in a way that has never been done before.

In less than a second, we can shape a strong and stable product completely in paper and in almost any shape or appearance. This potentially enables industrial and large-scale replacement of single-use plastic such as packaging and disposables.

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Pulpac is "Green low tech"
The PulPac technology combines known material (pulp) and known technology (isostatic pressure) in a new way.

Using the PulPac technology makes it possible to produce sustainable single-use products with mechanical properties similar to thermoformed plastics but made of cellulose, a renewable, compostable and degradable material that cost less than plastics.

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We are an R&D and IP company
The PulPac technology is patented and offered on a licensing basis by PulPac AB, a Swedish based tech start-up. Our vision is to supply the industry with one of the most disruptive technologies for replacing plastics in packaging and disposables and make impact at scale in saving the planet. The PulPac technology was invented in 2016 and has reached proof of concept. Together with clients and partners, we are now moving onto industrialization and commercial manufacturing.
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