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It’s time to set a new standard for sustainable packaging. We have the solution – are you ready to provide it?

Efficiency and sustainability
— very much a possibility

In just a few years, we pioneered fiber molding. With our expertise and passion, we turned a global need into an economical, well-proven, and responsible solution.

We provide plastic and fiber packaging producers with technology and a manufacturing method for sustainable packaging that meets industry needs for scalability, production rates, and cost efficiency. At a closer look, you’ll realize there are so many advantages to Dry Molded Fiber.


For the packaging industry and the planet

Energy and water efficient, affordable, versatile and capable of handling high-volume production.


Check out our market-ready products

Standardized, commercially, and environmentally validated, ready for dry molding.


Access to every improvement

Through continuous research and development, we ensure that you benefit from every improvement we make.


Ready for you to order from our turnkey partners

With our accumulated knowledge about the Dry Molded Fiber technology, our partners and we have develop standardized production platforms ready to meet the world’s demand for responsibly produced packaging and the industry’s need for scalable solutions and economic sustainability. And through continuous improvements and updates, all PulPac license holders have access to the latest and greatest iteration of Dry Molded Fiber. That way, they can make an even greater impact with innovative and sustainably produced packaging.


Collaborating for global impact

With plastic pollution becoming an increasing global concern, and a rapidly growing market, collaborative efforts are essential. The planet deserves sustainable packaging.

So, we chose a business model built on partnerships and cooperation. By building a global community of partners and PulPac license holders who work closely together we change the packaging industry from within.

Our cross-industrial partners ensure access to the best machinery and input materials, so converters can focus on catering to market-needs with aptly designed, fiber-based packaging.


for the impact of Dry Molded Fiber

aspects of

Dry Molded Fiber process

Main resource is generic and available worldwide

Start with pulp

The pulp is milled and fibers are air-laid into a dry web


Barriers are applied to meet product requirements and intended use

Apply barrier

Products are formed using heat and pressure in standard plate press with uniquely designed tools

Mold into product

All excess material is fed back into the process

Recycle waste

The Spoons

Products in the PulPac Highway program are recyclable, comes with a validated tool design, ready recipe for material and barriers, and all the production data you need to build your own business case.



Cycle time (S)


Output pcs / hour

33 000

material usage


output pcs / yearly

247 M

Coming generations deserve a new generation of packaging. Where sustainability is just a given.

We are on a mission to replace single-use plastics and are always searching for new, skilled, and passionate colleagues. Are you ready to join us?


Complete joint Eurostars R&D project

The project has been successfully validated with exciting results and will be introduced to the market during the later part of 2023

Expanding portfolio

PulPac demonstrates efficiency

Expands product and barrier portfolio – enabling the network to offer a limited series of production lines

US Market

Expanding with US operations

The US expansion is a strategic move that aims to bring PulPac’s sustainable solutions closer to the market