eco Sustainable

Can replace most single-use plastics with cellulose fiber products.

speed High Speed

Can match the throughput speed of commodity plastics processing.

monetization_on Low Cost

Competitive to single-use plastics and beats wet fiber processes.

check Market Ready

Many applications in different segments ready for industrial mass production.
World’s first standardized Production Unit for Dry Molded Fiber
PulPac together with partners reveals The PulPac Modula – PulPac Production Unit 300 ton – the world’s first standardized automatic production unit for Dry Molded Fiber. The very first demonstration line has been set up in PulPac’s Tech Center in Sweden.

Shifting from plastic converting or traditional fiber molding to Dry Molded Fiber is easier than ever.

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We are on a mission to replace single-use plastics globally
We provide a groundbreaking manufacturing technology for sustainable, low-cost, high-performance packaging and single-use products.

By pioneering the technology of fiber molding we enable our customers to replace single-use plastics with fiber-based, plastic free, price competitive sustainable alternatives.

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The basic principle of Dry Molded Fiber is that paper or pulp is separated into fibers in a mill. The fibers are then formed into a low density cellulose web, using air. A standard plate press with unique Dry Molded Fiber tooling compacts the fiber web into a mold.

The process is instant, completely dry and offers several design and manufacturing advantages besides high speed and low cost mass production.

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A Dry Molded Fiber production line can match the throughput speed of commodity plastics processing enabling converters to shift from producing plastic products to high performance sustainable paper products.

Conventional pulp converters can increase margins as PulPac’s technology has cost, speed, quality and design advantages that are out of reach for traditional fiber molding methods.

Retailers, FMCG or fast food companies that are amongst the first to offer high performance sustainable packaging to consumers will be seen as leaders within sustainability with added brand value as a consequence.

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To quickly scale, we offer a commercial licensing model to our extensive IP. In exchange for royalties on sales, licensees gain a unique opportunity to secure high margins and increase market share as the global demand for sustainable packaging solutions is skyrocketing.

The technology is market ready for many applications and available for any client to set up their own Dry Molded Fiber production. We are here to help on the full journey!

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