PulPac's first ever Impact Report

PulPac was founded on the ambition of doing well by doing good – while having fun. Now, we are putting this ambition into words in our very first Impact Report. Join us on a journey of the impact we've made and the impact we aim to make – as a responsible company and as an industry leader in sustainable packaging.

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Published 20 March 2024

Packaging that just makes sense

As a driving force in the sustainable packaging shift, we strive to do better constantly. Collecting and transparently presenting data from all our business areas is one way to ensure that we improve.

We know we have a lot of work ahead of us but we are convinced that, together with you, we will make a difference. And we are as steadfast as ever to replace unnecessary single-use plastics with packaging that just makes sense.

PulPac – the home of Dry Molded Fiber

We lead the way in innovative and sustainable fiber-based packaging solutions. Our goal is to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastics by making Dry Molded Fiber accessible to packaging manufacturers and consumer brands worldwide. We offer Dry Molded Fiber to the packaging industry through licensing. In exchange for royalty fees, manufacturers gain access to our patented fiber-forming technology, including all future updates and improvements, and to our world-leading know-how in Dry Molded Fiber.

Our global partner network supports every aspect of the successful implementation of the technology. By bringing together various stakeholders in the packaging industry, we create an ecosystem of changemakers, facilitating the rapid scaling of responsibly produced packaging.

A snapshot of the impact we’ve made since the start 2018

  1. Made a viable alternative to single-use plastics available to the world 
  2. Designed a business model for the global scaling of sustainable packaging solutions
  3. Developed turnkey production platforms for the industrialization of our technology
  4. Built an ecosystem of changemakers to spearhead a green packaging avalanche
  5. Raised +40€ million to accelerate the shift towards sustainable packaging
  6. Invested in our people and climate-smart sites for a thriving company