PulPac’s global IP portfolio for Dry Molded Fiber is expanding rapidly

PulPac’s IP portfolio now covers key global markets with 84 national grants and hundreds more in pending applications. Most recent, the US Patent Office issued a notice of allowance regarding one of PulPac’s first patent application (US16/085456). It concerns PulPac’s Dry Molded Fiber technology and is especially suitable for blow-molding and manufacturing bottles.

PulPac is an R&D and licensing company that has developed Dry Molded Fiber, a breakthrough technology to replace plastic products with circular cellulose fiber alternatives. PulPac’s business model is based on cooperation within an IP- and technology-pool with partner companies that share PulPac’s holistic view on sustainability and efficient use of resources.

PulPac today holds 26 patent families (17 not yet published) with 84 granted national patents, and plus 50 pending patent applications that give a potential of hundreds more national patents. Eight new patent applications have been filed the past six months and filing pace is expected to increase further. Going forward, an average of two new patent applications are expected to be filed every month.

Peter Ekwall, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at PulPac comments; “Our public IP is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath is an extensive body of confidential patent applications, world-leading know-how and trade secrets that are only shared with partners within our pool. This is a model that gives our partners an unmatched competitive advantage, and an incentive for making the shift to fiber – and away from plastics.”

The IP portfolio revolves around the novel production method, “PulPac’s Dry Moded Fiber method”, a method of manufacturing three dimensionally shaped cellulose articles formed from dry fibers with air as a carrying medium and pressed using a heated mold.

Based on the core IP, PulPac has developed a complete technology platform covering multiple areas of fiber application manufacturing and machinery solutions to match. Blow Molded Fibers is one upcoming competitive application for Dry Molded Fibers suitable for manufacturing of e.g., bottles and caps, all driven by the need of disruptive technical solutions that enable a sustainable packaging industry. As the the technology owner and world leader in R&D for Dry Molded Fiber, PulPac continuously files new IP derived from own R&D – but also from R&D emanating from PulPac’s technology pool and its partners.

PulPac’s development and innovation partner PA Consulting, the consultancy that’s bringing ingenuity to life, is an important contributor of IP and to-date has been involved in a number of patent applications and innovative ideas. There is even more IP, created by licensees and partners in the technology pool.

Besides new patent applications, PulPac has filed 13 divisional applications stemming from PulPac’s early and broadly described patent applications and directed towards specific solutions within the Dry Molded Fiber technology.

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