Pagès Group joins PulPac’s Dry Molded Fiber network

The Dry Molded Fiber network expands as automation & downstream expert Pagès Group joins as preferred partner

The expansion of PulPac’s Partner network continues when Pagès Group joins as preferred partner for automation and downstream equipment. The aim of the partnership is to provide the best available downstream equipment to the Dry Molded Fiber community through Pagès Group’s products and services.

In a world searching for alternatives to plastics, there is a massive market pull for Dry Molded Fiber. To effectively scale and support converters in the transition to the new technology, PulPac continuously expands the global network of world leading suppliers. The network covers all aspects of Dry Molded Fiber manufacturing, such as application development, toolmaking, pulp, tissue and barrier solutions, machinery, automation solutions, and turnkey providers. Partners share the vision of holistic sustainability with products designed for purpose and circularity – for a greener and cleaner world.

Pagès Group is a leader in automation solutions for packaging.  Decoration, inspection, stacking & packing, palettizing they provide is key to maximize the benefits of machine platforms such as the PulPac Modula.

“The partnership with Pagès Group is something that we have been eager to introduce to the market as it gives our customers excellent opportunities to automize their downstream operations. I’m personally very excited to begin working with Pagès Group as I have been very impressed by their engineering capacity as well as their customer-centric focus on delivering high-end systems to their customers,” comments Viktor Börjesson, Chief Partnership Officer at PulPac.

“We are very excited to start working with PulPac and the entire Dry Molded Fiber network to share our expertise within decoration & downstream automation solutions. We believe that we together can create very efficient solutions that will enable the Dry Molded Fiber market to continue to grow at a high pace,” comments Romain Hervé, Business Development Director of Pagès Group.

Following on PulPac’s community approach to enable a wide and ever-growing network globally within the Dry Molded Fiber breakthrough technology, this partnership is non-exclusive.

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