The PulPac technology can be used to make most types of rigid packaging and single-use products


Dry Molded Fiber is widely applicable and can be used to make most types of single-use applications that are made of plastics today. Even new types of applications that has not been possible to manufacture with traditional fiber forming methods, such as paper hangers.

Unmatched design flexibility
Design fleixibility is high and deep draws and complex geometries with zero release angle or even undercuts is possible. Embossing, debossing, color, patterns and print can be applied in-line even on curved surfaces.

The raw material is tailored to fit the application
The raw material, fluff pulp, bleached or unbleached and pre-sized paper, can be treated to increase product strength and to add additional properties, such as water or grease resistance. The material is adapted to the specific application with a minimum of additives to make the final product as sustainable as possible. Different barrier application methods can be used. All additives are applied in-line, fluorocarbon-free, compostable and recyclable, in amounts less than the limits for food grade and sustainability approval. A Dry Molded Fiber application is designed for its purpose and for the circular economy.

High volume applications is the focus
The focus for PulPac is high volume applications and to replace as much single-use plastics as possible.

Even if limitations of Dry Molded Fiber are few there are some low hanging fruits to a new technology. We define them as “market ready applications. They require e.g. design adjustments, but no or limited application R&D and is ready to be manufactured. These applications are typically shallow and simple shapes, e.g. bowls and applications with few compartments that have no or limited food or liquid contact, e.g. soda lids or fast food containers.

R&D applicationsare fully feasible applications but will require additional R&D investments such as specific barrier development. Even if they are not ready to be manufactured yet they have a great potential for market advantages. These applications are typically deep and complex shapes, e.g. bottles and applications with many and deep compartments with food or liquid contact with very long shelf time (several months or years) or subjected to harsher environments e.g. submerged in liquid.

Can your application be made with Dry Molded Fiber?
Most likely! If you are a converter or brand with a converter network we would be happy to discuss possibilities for the application you want to produce with our technology. Contact us on!

Applications above are Dry Molded Fiber samples. They are not available as end-user products on the open market.