Even a coffee-to-go should be the best version of itself

Da Matteo provides Gothenburg with high-quality coffee. And with Dry Molded Fiber lids on top, their take-away coffee reaches a new level. Let us tell you the story of how two committed companies in diverse businesses took it upon themselves to make their city a better place.

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Published 06 March 2024

A local love story

The citizens of Gothenburg can now enjoy their takeaway coffee from the ‘da Matteo’ café chain with a locally and responsibly produced, completely new type of plastic-free, recyclable fiber-based coffee lid.

Gothenburg-based da Matteo, synonymous with authentic coffee experiences, has joined forces with PulPac to offer its customers a new type of sustainably produced paper lid for takeaway coffee or other hot drinks. PulPac, also based in Gothenburg, is seen as an international leader in innovative and sustainable fiber molding, well-known in the packaging industry. Here, they saw an opportunity also to build relationships with the city’s people.

A great coffee experience is about the details

The unique collaboration with PulPac enhances the take-away experience for da Matteo’s customers. It significantly reduces the coffee’s environmental impact on the go, strengthening Gothenburg’s position as a sustainable destination. It also offers the citizens of Gothenburg an alternative to the new deposit system with reusable takeaway containers, in accordance with the EU’s regulations on packaging and packaging waste, which was recently launched in the city.

“At da Matteo, we love good coffee. So much so that we do almost everything we can to find the best coffee from all over the world. It feels extra good and exciting that the market’s most innovative and sustainable lid for hot take-away drinks is available here, in our own city. We are happy to offer our guests the opportunity to make environmentally conscious choices while enjoying their favorite drinks on the go”, says Lina Sandersson Nyberg, CEO of da Matteo.

We are on top of it – literally

“Together with da Matteo, we present an easily feasible and scalable take-away alternative that fits into a modern lifestyle. It has the potential to significantly reduce our environmental impact and contribute to Gothenburg’s sustainability goals,” comments Nathalie Bödtker-Lund, Head of Sustainability at PulPac.

Even a local love story is globally scalable

“With our technology, sustainably produced, environmentally friendly paper products can replace single-use plastic on a large scale. To quickly scale up, we collaborate with the world’s packaging manufacturers and offer them to shift to production with our technology,” explains Nathalie Bödtker-Lund.

The significant advantage of Dry Molded Fiber is that the manufacturing process requires very little water and energy compared to how similar paper products are manufactured. The method thus conserves valuable resources while reducing the CO2 footprint by up to 80% compared to other alternatives. Furthermore, the dry process makes manufacturing fast and efficient, making manufacturing costs competitive with single-use plastics, a critical factor in the technology’s success in the packaging industry.

”We want to offer our guests as sustainable alternatives as possible. Providing a lid that saves water and energy during the production and – last but not least – that doesn’t taste like paper, feels good! Dry Molded Fiber is a great fit for us”, Lina Sandersson Nyberg concludes.

”We want to offer our guests as sustainable alternatives as possible. Dry Molded Fiber is a great fit for us”

– Lina Sandersson Nyberg, CEO, da matteo