Dry Molded Fiber network continues to grow as PulPac partners with RZ Group

PulPac reveals partnership with RZ Mekpart and the RZ Group of specialized engineering contract manufacturers, further extending capabilities, expertise, and capacity of the Dry Molded Fiber network.

The objective of the partnership between RZ and PulPac is to combine significant industrial experience, secure machining, and manufacturing capabilities as well as spread know-how on tooling for Dry Molded Fiber.

“RZ is proud to partner with PulPac, bringing a network of leading manufacturing entities in Sweden and providing support with our extensive expertise into efficient tooling construction and machine processing. We see strong market forces towards replacing plastics, especially from consumers, and that Dry Molded Fiber is a very promising substitute that can compete on cost and sustainability” comments Lars Kihlström, CEO at RZ Mekpart AB

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