PulPac granted additional Dry Molded Fiber patent in Japan

PulPac’s patent portfolio continues to grow as Japan grants additional Dry Molded Fiber patent

JPO, Japan Patent Office has announced “intention to grant” one of PulPac’s most general Dry Molded Fiber patent. Japan has a strong position in packaging and industrial development globally and is the world’s third largest economy. The announced grant further advances the positions of PulPac’s licensees and grows the PulPac Technology Pool, by widening protection and applicability of the Dry Molded Fiber production process. PulPac, who recently revealed the world’s first standardized Dry Molded Fiber production unit, has noticed a big interest for their innovative technology in Japan.

“We have pioneered the technology of cellulose molding and made it possible to replace single-use plastics with a patented and market ready fiber-based alternative that is good for business, consumers and the world we share”, says Peter Ekwall, IP Manager at PulPac.

PulPac’s solid IP foundation for the Dry Molded Fiber technology is growing continuously. Including the Japan grant, the PulPac patent portfolio now holds 18 patent families with over 300 claims and pending applications in 58 countries, with 42 nationally granted patents so far.

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