PulPac and BIO-LUTIONS complete joint Eurostars R&D project

For standardized machinery with newly validated components and test for natural fiber sources from agricultural residues.

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Published 02 June 2023

PulPac and BIO-LUTIONS complete joint Eurostars R&D project for standardized machinery with newly validated components and tests for natural fiber sources from agricultural residues

The Eurostars-project combined PulPac’s unique fiber-forming technology with new components from the plastic industry and its potential to operate with fibers sourced from agricultural residues – provided by BIO-LUTIONS – has been successfully validated with exciting results and will be introduced into the market during the later part of 2023.

Ove Larsson, Chief Technology Innovation Officer at PulPac comments, “Cellulose fibers are the obvious solution for global single-use plastic substitution and these results validate a path for the plastic industry to accelerate the transition to sustainable Dry Molded Fiber. This technology enables packaging and products made from renewable sources that are biodegradable and recyclable, cost-effective and supporting the circular economy. I am very excited about introducing new solutions based on this project to the marketplace later this year.”

“We are very proud of having completed this R&D project to validate a new cutting-edge solution”

— Eduardo Gordillo, CEO BIO-LUTIONS.

The scope was to design, build and test a prototype of a Dry Molded Fiber machine by adapting standard components, traditionally used for the production of plastic products. It is now validated for production in the increasingly growing fiber packaging markets, and it is proven that Dry Molded Fiber also benefits from using agricultural residues as inputs, besides standard pulp.

PulPac has solved the technical challenge, while BIO-LUTIONS has supported with operational expertise and supported pilot tests with its unique fibcro® fibers.

“We are very proud of having completed this R&D project to validate a new cutting-edge solution and demonstrating the capabilities in combining BIO-LUTIONS’ fibcro® natural fibers sources from agricultural residues with the Dry Molded Fiber process.” comments Eduardo Gordillo, CEO BIO-LUTIONS.

Eurostars is the largest international funding program for SMEs wishing to collaborate on R&D projects that create innovative products, processes, or services for commercialization. This project was also funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA.

Media Contacts
Celine Brockmann, Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager; cb@bio-lutions.com
Ann Dynehäll, Chief Communications Officer PulPac, ann.dynehall@pulpac.com

About PulPac
PulPac provides the packaging industry with groundbreaking manufacturing technology for making economical, high-performance fiber-based packaging and single-use products. By pioneering the technology of cellulose molding, PulPac enables its customers to replace single-use plastics with sustainable and cost-competitive natural fiber alternatives globally. For additional information about PulPac, please visit www.pulpac.com or follow us on social media.

BIO-LUTIONS is a Hamburg-based clean tech start-up that has developed its own innovative natural fibre technology, used to produce sustainable packaging and disposable tableware. The production process gives a second life to currently unused agricultural residues as raw material to replace conventional plastic and paper products. BIO-LUTIONS was founded in 2017 and is currently expanding in Asia and Europe. With the purely mechanical process BIO-LUTIONS creates stable structures and products without additional binding agents. The application of this innovative fibre technology was developed in Germany, at their technical centre in Schwedt/Oder, Brandenburg. The first factory was opened in Bangalore, India and now follows the new production facility in Schwedt/Oder, Germany. As part of the Innovation Campus Schwedt, BIO-LUTIONS is a part of the new hub for innovative technology in Brandenburg.
For more information, please visit: www.bio-lutions.com

Dry Molded Fiber
The Dry Molded Fiber process, invented and internationally patented by PulPac, is a manufacturing technology designed for the emerging circular economy. By leveraging globally available, affordable, and renewable commodity cellulose fiber, Dry Molded Fiber technology allows for producing high-performance fiber-based packaging with highly competitive unit economics. Dry Molded Fiber also saves significant amounts of valuable water resources and energy, resulting in up to 80% lower CO2 footprint than alternatives. Dry Molded Fiber processing is up to ten times as efficient as conventional fiber molding processing, first used over 100 years ago.