Tech Center

World-leading know-how within Dry Molded Fiber

The PulPac Tech Center is the knowledge epicenter of Dry Molded Fiber. It consists of a diverse team of Dry Molded Fiber experts with uniqe skills within R&D, application development, tooling, machine and material development, generic research, licensing, etc.

We are here to help you on every step of your journey towards sustainable Dry Molded Fiber products!

Technology transfer, support and training
An in-depth technical transfer to build technology and machinery experience and confidence is always provided to licensees and partners. Both technology transfer, support and training can be performed either on-site or at the PulPac Tech Center.

PulPac has developed its tooling concept since the birth of Dry Molded Fiber and has gained world-leading know-how on how to design and optimize tools for superior performance, efficiency and reliability. Besides PulPac’s own internal tool design support a global technology transfer program to your local tool supplier is offered.

Application development
The raw material, fluff pulp, bleached or unbleached and pre-sized paper, can be treated to increase strength of an application and to add additional properties, such as water or grease resistance. All additives are fluorocarbon-free, compostable and recyclable, in amounts less than the limits for food grade and sustainability approval. As a licensee you have full access to our know-how in development of your application.

Material and barrier R&D
Sustainable barrier solutions are essential for reaching the full potential of fiber-based alternatives to single-use plastics. PulPac has full in-house chemistry and fiber testing capacity, advanced knowledge, R&D and IP for optimizing Dry Molded Fiber products within this field.

Generic PulPac R&D
Generic R&D is an ongoing activity at the PulPac Tech Center. New findings, updates and improvements of the technology are supplied continuously to keep licensees at the competitive frontline at all times.