Let’s replace some single-use plastics together!

We welcome any converter, brand or supplier in plastics or fiber to join us in our mission to replace plastics. You can start to manufacture affordable, high-volume, good looking fiber-based packaging and single-use products for brand owners and end users.


In a few years, we will be able to manufacture Dry Molded Fiber bottles and other complex shapes or products, the possibilities are endless. But already today high volume products like spoons, trays, lids, bowls – paper products that can hold grease and water without toxic chemicals – are ready for you to start to manufacture.

The journey towards production is adapted and tailored based on your need, timeline and first application, but the common phases are the below.

Basic understanding of the dry molded process and have a shared view on the way forward.

Find a suitable application that has good possibilities both from a technical and commercial standpoint.

Technical transfer
A first proof of application, transfer of technical know-how and production set-up insights.

Agreement ​
Understanding, discussing and signing of the license agreement.

Industrialization & Production
Proof of production and production set up.