IP & Patents

PulPac is an R&D and Licensing company that has developed a Dry Molding Fiber (DMF) Technology for replacing single use plastics. PulPac’s business model is based on cooperation in an IP and technology pool with companies that share PulPac’s holistic view on sustainability and minimized use of resources.

Today PulPac holds 34 patent families with 150 granted national patents and plus 96 pending patent applications that give a potential of hundreds more national patents. PulPac IP covers multiple areas of fiber application manufacturing and new IP is filed continuously (e.g. 10 new patent applications since November 2021 and ca 2 new per month going forward). In addition to filing new patent applications, PulPac has filed 15 divisional applications stemming from PulPac’s early and broadly described patent applications. PulPac further has a substantive body of know-how and attached trade secrets that is shared within the IP and technology pool. .

The IP revolves around the novel production method, “PulPac’s DMF Method”, which means a method of manufacturing three dimensionally shaped cellulose articles formed from dry fibers with air as a carrying medium and pressed using a heated mold. Based on the core IP, PulPac has developed a complete technology platform covering multiple areas of fiber application manufacturing. All driven by the need of disruptive technical solutions that enable a sustainable packaging industry. As world leader in R&D for Dry Molded Fiber, PulPac continuously files new IP derived from our own R&D, but also from R&D emanating from PulPac’s technology pool. It should be mentioned that PA Consulting has been involved in at least two patent applications and there is more to come. We also have further IP within the pool created by our clients/partners.