AR Packaging drives sustainable innovation and targets a major shift to dry molded fibre packaging together with PulPac

AR Packaging today announces that they aim to be first on the market with commercially viable plastic free trays and cutlery for the food, on-the-go and food service sectors. The group looks to contribute to innovative process developments of fully fibre based solutions and therefore has joined the PulPac Technology Pool.

“We have a good track record of putting new innovations on the market by fruitful collaboration with highly innovative partners which are experts in their field. Being a member of the Technology Pool shows our commitment to actively contribute to the development and industrialisation of sustainable dry molded fibre products,” says Ralf Mack, Group Innovation Director at AR Packaging. “Our material know-how, converting expertise and market presence combined with PulPac’s technology will enable brand owners as well as agile first movers to take a giant leap forward in replacing plastic packaging and products in a fully sustainable and efficient manner.”

“We have placed all IP in a technology pool with the clear intention to reduce the global usage of single-use plastics. We are happy to have AR Packaging as licensee, joining with their commitment to industrialise dry molded fibres and contribute to the Technology Pool”, says Linus Larsson, CEO PulPac. “Technology pool members are charged with a royalty on sold goods to finance the continued and inexhaustive development of dry formed fibre packages. As world leader in R&D for dry molded fibres, new IP is filed by PulPac every month”, Larsson continues.

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