US breakthrough for PulPac

Today the US Patent Office announced a grant for one of PulPac´s most general patents, stating that Dry Molded Fiber is invented and duly owned by the Swedish scale-up company.

The United States is the world´s second largest packaging consumer market, after China. The same patent application was recently approved in Japan, the world’s third largest economy with a strong position in packaging and industrial development. Relatedly, China and Europe granted another important PulPac patent application earlier this year.

“Our duty to the planet is to spread this technology as fast and wide as we can. To achieve this, we are setting out to scale quickly through licensing. To empower the efforts further we have formed an open source alliance called the Dry Molded Fiber Technology Pool that welcomes any converter, brand or supplier in plastics or fiber that wish to grow with, and support the advancement in the Dry Molded Fiber process,” comments Linus Larsson, CEO of PulPac.

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