Our Story

Call it fate, chance or pure luck but the innovation of PulPac came to us instantly.

As packaging consultants we were searching for non-fossil based 3D-shaped packages. Paper based solutions have fantastic sustainability features, but the solutions we encountered were all based on traditional wet-forming. A technology that did not meet our requirements either on cycle time, cost or strength. Dry methods on the other hand, neither had the ability to form complex 3D shapes, nor was it strong enough.

Ideas and thoughts tumbled around. By chance we happened to have isostatic pressure top of mind. The “what–if….?” gene hit. Pulp was placed in an isostatic high pressure press. The result was mind blowing. The pulp turned rock hard.

Amazed, we realized that this discovery was big. Still, we were convinced that the paper and packaging industry probably already worked with this or equal methods. We now know they didn’t.

In 2016 we filed the first PulPac patent, in 2017 it was granted. In January 2018 the legal entity PulPac AB was formed. Today, we are 15 people and growing continuously. We have new owners and financing and in order to take the technology from proof of concept to industrialization we have also moved to a new facility where we are now setting up a prototype production line.

Our vision is to make impact at scale by supplying the industry with one of the most disruptive technologies for replacing plastics in packaging and disposables. We believe that vision is within reach.

Image: The bottom of a bowl from the first generation of PulPac samples. 

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