PulPac mentioned in S&P Global Article

S&P Global Market Intelligence writes about consumer companies finding alternatives to single-use plastic 

The article notes that consumer companies are gradually turning to eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics — a shift that is starting to make sense from a financial perspective as well as an environmental one.

“Many companies have partnered with startups that have refined eco-friendly packaging options. In some cases, these alternative products are cheaper to produce than plastic ones.

Sweden-based Pulpac AB offers its technology to manufacturers to produce salad bowls, food trays and hangers. Its method uses paper pulp, a cheaper raw material than plastic. Pulpac manufactures packaging items, including single-use pods, that are 20% to 40% cheaper than their single-use plastic counterparts, the company claims. Pulpac’s technology also molds the paper products without water — a contrast with traditional methods, which tends to be water-intensive.

Pulpac CEO Linus Larsson said his company has customers spanning the restaurant, grocery and retail industries, but he declined to name them, citing nondisclosure agreements.

“Sustainability has always been expensive and to make change happen, you need to make it cheap,” Larsson said during a panel at the CGF’s summit.”

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