PulPac CEO portrayed in daily newspaper Göteborgs-Posten

“Three years ago, the Gothenburgian Linus Larsson and his father invented a whole new method of manufacturing paper products. A lot now indicates that it will have a big and positive impact on the planet’s environmental and climate problems.”

“-PulPac is a solution that makes it possible to replace plastic with a cheap paper option. Wood fiber is cheap, but the method that has been used so far to make paper products is slow and expensive. We have developed a brand new method, which goes faster and makes it competitive compared to plastic products. In order for us to switch to more environmentally friendly materials, this is crucial because the commercial interests always come first.”

“Linus explains that PulPac has all the essentials needed to achieve a circular economy and a sustainable society. Renewable material, recyclability, biodegradable and cheap.”

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