PulPac at Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit

On June 12, PulPac CEO, Linus Larsson, will be on stage at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit in Vancouver together with PA Consulting and Loliware.

The theme of the session is “Innovation for Sustainability: How to Commercialise Start-Up Ideas and Build Competitive Advantage” and will be led by PA’s Wil Schoenmakers.

Besides the stage session PulPac will also be attending the I-Zone at the PA Stand #1, displaying PulPac samples and more.

PA Consulting is an innovation and transformation consultancy with diverse teams of experts. PulPac has partnered with PA consulting to scale the PulPac technology and accelerate development globally.

Loliware has developed a seaweed technology to replace single use plastics straws with their new seaweed-based straw.

The Consumer Goods Forum is an organisation that brings consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together globally. It is a CEO-led organisation that helps the world’s retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to collaborate, drive positive change and efficiency across the consumer goods industry for the benefit of both people, planet and business.

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