Tech Pool & Network

The PulPac Technology Pool – an innovative and committed community
PulPac has placed all its IP in a technology pool with the clear intention to reduce the global usage of single-use plastics.  Licensees and members in the technology pool get unique access to optimized processes for putting fully fiber based and renewable single-use products on the market. Members join an innovative community committed to actively contribute to the development and industrialization of sustainable Dry Molded Fiber products and to the Technology Pool. Essential improvements and core development of PulPac IP is available to all members, as is all current and future PulPac IP.  The mutual motivation to constantly push technology development forward is part of the package.

A Network of world leading Dry Molded Fiber suppliers
To meet the massive interest from brands and converters, PulPac is now scaling supply chains by building a global community of world leading Dry Molded Fiber suppliers. We welcome converters, machine builders, brands and fiber providers to join us and transform the industry from within. Simplifying the transition and support our clients to get going with their own Dry Molded Fiber manufacturing is core priority in order to reach our goal of replacing +1 million tons of plastic by 2025.