Pilot Line 200 ton

Dry Molded Fiber pilot line, PL200, available at the PulPac Tech Center

The PL200 offers fully automatic high speed, multi-cavity pilot production with excellent mold replication of hard and durable high performance fiber products. 

The pilot line has capacity for non-foodgrade, small scale production, high volume sampling, market test series and testing of materials, tooling, barriers and other sub-systems.

The aim is to fast-track clients’ commercial activities towards setting up their own production capacity, producing billions of sustainable Dry Molded Fiber products within a near future.

The PL200 is built as an open platform to quickly verify technical concepts and materials. It can easily be adapted to any kind of products or tests. The system setup is similar to a commercial Dry Molded Fiber production line;

  • A pulp stand for standard pulp or paper rolls. All kinds of pulp and paper in rolls can be used.
  • A mill-to-web unit, where the raw paper pulp is fed through a mill that breaks it up into fibers. At high speed, the separated fibers are then blown onto a moving wire, forming a uniform low density cellulose web.
  • A spray system for coating, where the material for products with additional properties, such as water or grease, is coated in-line. Many Dry Molded Fiber products can be cellulose only or be made from pre-sized cardboard liners and need no additional barrier.
  • A tissue station where paper tissue of any color, pattern or print can be added to give a certain graphical look or feel of the product.
  • A 200 ton hydraulic press where the unique PulPac multi-cavity tool compacts the fiber web into a mold.
  • A recycling unit where offcuts and excess web can be fed back into the system to minimize manufacturing waste.

Pilot Line Pressrelease June 30, 2020 >>